About Us

Scientific Mission: We want to answer the most fundamental question in biology: What is life? We will consider this question answered when we can explain how the behavior of non-living matter – atoms and molecules – produces the activities of living things – cells, organisms, communities, and ecosystems.

To us, the satisfactory explanations take the form of equations. Our Initiative is engineered to develop causal, predictive mathematical models which reflect the underlying behavior of living matter across scales. We approach the daunting problem of understanding life by merging three disciplines - biology, mathematics, and engineering - into one coherent community.

Social Mission: We are dedicated to recruiting and training both current and future experts working at the interface of biology, mathematics, and engineering. We are also dedicated to expanding the QBio community beyond Harvard. Our workshops, visitors programs, undergraduate research programs, and symposia are all designed to make sure current and future faculty and scholars are equipped to solve the most important questions in biology.



For inquiries, please email us at QuantBio@harvard.edu 

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