Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

Alexander Le

Alexander Le

Brown University, Class of '23
Major: Computer Science

I am a rising junior at Brown University studying computer science with pathways in computational biology and artificial intelligence. I am specifically interested in improving medical diagnostics as well as developing personalized genetic drug therapy. I plan to pursue an MD/Ph.D and enter the biomedical field researching how current advancements in computing can improve healthcare and medicine. Outside of the lab, I enjoy cross-country running, mountain biking and playing cello.

Anasimone Guillaume

AnaSimone Guillaume

Class of '23
Major: Health Science

AnaSimone Guillaume is a sophomore Health Science major from Atlanta, Georgia. Her recent research projects include Machine Learning for Chemistry and Force-field learning with NYU’s Center for Data Science Undergraduate Research Program, and Computational Chemistry research with her mentor at Spelman College. She enjoys all fields of science and playing Polo in her free time. She will pursue a MD/PhD after college.

Angelina Quint

Angelina Quint

Angelina Quint is a health and human rights activist passionate about making a positive difference in the world. In college and beyond, she sees herself focusing her attention on initiatives that inspire change through the intersection of health, medicine, research, community service,
and human rights advocacy. As an aspiring physician, researcher, public health advocate, and human rights activist, Angelina aims to continue uplifting the voices of underrepresented populations and discovering new ways to solve the world’s health barriers. Beyond her passions
for science and community service work, Angelina enjoys reading, sparking spontaneous conversations, exploring dessert shops, and traveling the world.


Anya Sharma



Ashley Lasko


Ave Kludze

Ave Kludze

Cornell University
Major: Biomedical Engineering

Ave is a student at Cornell University studying Biomedical Engineering with a concentration in Molecular, Cellular and Systems Engineering (MCSE). He is an undergraduate researcher at Cornell's Biofoundry under Dr. Yadong Wang. He is interested in exploring the ways that computer science and statistics can improve medical treatment. Outside of class, Ave can be found drawing on Inkscape, playing chess, or listening to music.


Hai Pham


Hosam Arammash

Hosam Arramash

University, Class of '23
Major: Biology

Hello everyone! I'm currently a Junior at Johns Hopkins studying Biology. Outside of the class I really enjoy watching and playing various sports like soccer and basketball (go Celtics!). I've also always had a love for the sciences and have been exploring my interests through research. I am ecstatic to have the opportunity to be able to continue to explore what I love this summer, and can't wait to meet you all!

Kali Konstantinopoulous

Kali Konstantinopoulous

University, Class of '22
Major: Intelligent Systems Engineering and Mathematic

Kali Konstantinopoulos is a rising senior at Indiana University studying Intelligent Systems Engineering and Mathematics with a minor in Chemistry. She is interested in multicellular systems modeling and performs research in the computational modeling of cancer. At IU, Kali also works as an undergraduate teaching assistant and is involved in the Center of Excellence for Women & Technology. Kali wishes to pursue an MD-PhD and use her background in systems biology to improve clinical care through modeling and precision medicine. She is excited to work with Dr. Megason this summer and apply her skills to zebrafish development. When she’s not working on research, Kali enjoys journaling, playing the violin, and attending IU’s theater and ballet performances (even virtually).  

Katelyn Lee

Katelyn Lee

Caltech, Class of '23
Major: Bioengineering

I am a rising junior at Caltech hailing from New York City.  As a bioengineering major, I'm interested in applying engineering principles to research regarding human health.  My previous research focused on the understanding the structure of the fruit fly olfactory system and the social behavior of ants.  This summer, I will be working in the Baym Lab to study antibiotic resistance genes in bacteria.  I am an avid runner, and I love to sing, play the piano and guitar, and do crosswords.  


Lauren Ramlan



Makayla Howe


Olivia Lease

Olivia Lease

Columbia University, Class of '24
Major: Applied Math

My name is Olivia Lease (pronouns she/her/hers) and I am a current sophomore at Columbia University majoring in Applied Math, with an interest in using my major for quantitative molecular modeling and potentially cancer research. At Columbia, I am a part of Native American Council and Matriculate, a club that focuses on academic equity and helping underserved high school students navigate the college admissions process. In addition to studying math and medicine, I
love working with kids and am a tutor in math for elementary and middle school students as well as a peer tutor. In my free time, I enjoy using math as a tool to amplify social justice platforms online, such as the @justiceforelijahmcclain on Instagram or as the Director of Marketing for the Tonantzín Initiative, a community oriented nonprofit focused on uplifting and supporting Black and Indigenous Latinx communities.


Tammie Tam


Varsha Chari

Varsha Chari

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of ‘22
Major: Chemistry
Varsha is a junior studying Chemistry with minors in Statistics and Mathematics. Her research work currently lies in spatial transcriptomics and computational biology. She hopes to pursue an MD/PhD and is particularly interested in applying mathematical modeling techniques towards answering large scale biological questions and improving medical diagnostics. This summer, she will be working in Gunawardena Lab exploring multi-input gene regulation functions from a theoretical standpoint. Outside of research, Varsha really enjoys running, watching movies, and trying new food.


Vincent Lam

Vincent Lam

Cornell University, Class of '23
Major: Biological sciences

I am a junior at Cornell University majoring in the biological sciences with a concentration in molecular and cell biology. I am fascinated by all things genetics and genomics. After graduating, I plan to pursue a PhD with the hopes of studying cancer as a research scientist. In my free time, I enjoy playing guitar and going on walks.


Yasmine Mabene





Abigail Schmidt

Abigail Schmidt

Clemson University, Class of '22
Major: Mathematical Sciences with a concentration in Biology

Abigail is from Charlotte, North Carolina. She is a rising junior at Clemson University, where she is studying mathematical sciences with a concentration in biology. After graduation, she intends to pursue an MD or MD/PhD degree. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, playing volleyball, listening to music, and watching movies.

• Summer project: Cell Size Homeostasis Control in M. tuberculosis 
• Mentor: Professor Ariel Amir, Applied Math

Amanda Dee

Amanda Dee

Northeastern University, Class of '23
Major: Bioengineering

Hello! Since my entire personality is my college, major and research, you already know everything about me. The only other things that are important are that I love plants and hope to work in plant biotech in the future, and that I play piano, sing and teach vocals in NUStage, the musical theater group I am a part of.

  • Summer project: In silico Cathodoluminescence Microscopy
  • Mentor: Professor Max Prigozhin, Applied Physics and Molecular & Cellular Biology


Carlos Aude

Carlos Aude

Columbia University, Class of ‘22
Major: Applied Statistics

I am a junior at Columbia University with interests in applied statistics and computational biology. Previously, I have investigated the transfection efficiency of hybrid HIV-1 infectious molecular clones and the use of split methyl halide transferase for in-situ gas conjugation bioreporting; I have also been a research assistant in a variety of clinical trials. Outside of academics, I enjoy tennis, soccer, volunteering, and getting to drive an ambulance through Manhattan as an EMT! As a 2020 Systems Biology USRI summer intern, I applied deep learning as a new tool to study gene regulation. Specifically, I worked towards uncovering mechanistic information about gene regulation from the hidden layers of neural networks."

  • Summer project: Uncovering Transcriptional Mechanisms with Deep Neural Networks
  • Mentor: Professor Jeremy Gunawardena, Systems Biology, Harvard Medical School
Emma OShaughnessy

Emma O’Shaughnessy

Kenyon College, Class of ‘22
Major: Biology

I am a Junior at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio and I am from Kittery, Maine. Besides pursuing my degree in biology, I spend my time working for the Office of Residential Life as a Community Advisor. This past summer I worked in the Murray Lab and learned how to generate, analyze and use genomic sequencing data to answer questions about the Lenski Long Term Evolution Experiment and evolution in general.

  • Summer project: Learning to Analyze Genomic Sequencing Data
  • Mentor: Professor Andrew Murray, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Jovan Tormes Vaquerano

University of Massachusetts Boston, Class of ‘23 
Major: Electrical Engineering

The Quantitative Biology Initiative's structure meant that every week we were able to explore fascinating research being done in all corners of science. As someone whose interested in the techniques and rational behind every experiment I was excited to listen to what those around me were doing. As a first-generation college student, the tools I obtained over the course of the program have influenced my perspective on scientific research.

During this experience I learned that the work being done here, and across the country, by us, and by every undergraduate researcher, will promote the next generation of questions which we collectively ask. Questions which will challenge us all to work to develop a better understanding of the principles which define ourselves and the world which we inhabit.


Mrunali Manjrekar

University of California, Berkeley ‘23
Major: EECS + Bioengineering

Mrunali is a rising sophomore at UC Berkeley, interested in novel applications of computation to biological systems at the molecular level. Beyond the classroom and lab, she enjoys consuming nonfiction, journaling, and exploring new places with people.

  • Summer project: Investigating Putative Human Protein Interactors of the SARS-CoV-2 Viral Proteome
  • Mentor: Professor Debbie Marks, Systems Biology, Harvard Medical School
Natalia Rodriguez

Natalia Rodriguez

Columbia University, Class of ‘21
Major: Biology with a concentration in Mathematics

Natalia is a Colombian immigrant to the U.S. on the pre-med track, hoping to pursue an MD/PhD in the near future. Alongside her studies, she is the captain of Sabor: Columbia's first latinx dance troupe, where she shares her love for latinx dancing through show choreography and building community service projects that empower latinx highschool students. In her free time, Natalia loves to explore coffee shops in all five boroughs of NYC with friends and family.

  • Summer project: Understanding Branching Morphology of Sea Fans
  • Mentor: Dr. Asja Radja, NSF-Simons Fellow
Sandeep Kambhampati

Sandeep Kambhampati

Johns Hopkins University, Class of ‘21
Major: Biomedical Engineering

I'm especially interested in computational genomics and the application of statistical analysis to high-throughput sequencing data to interrogate how our cells develop and function. During the QBio REU in the Extavour Lab, I applied such methods to investigate how the genetic mechanisms that regulate embryogenesis can change over evolutionary time. Outside of research, in my free time, I love to read, hike, and play chess!

  • Summer project: Role of MicroRNAs in Long Term Memory Loss in the Cricket Gryllus Bimaculatus
  • Mentor: Professor Cassandra Extavour, Molecular & Cellular Biology and Organismic & Evolutionary Biology