New Face of Physics: Women+ of Color Project launches at Harvard

October 4, 2019
WoCP Williams

Lanell Williams is only the third woman in Harvard history to pursue a Ph.D. in Physics. Yet future Dr. Williams is already making plans for four, five, and six.

This week, Williams hosted a 3-day workshop for women of color who want their own ground-breaking graduate degrees. For three days, the Physics Library in Jefferson Hall was home to 20 African American, Latinx, and Native American women who are trying to pursue their passion for physics and, in so doing, change history.

“I’m bringing these students here now, because I want to tell them, ‘You are good enough,’” says Williams, who founded the Women+ of Color Project while a student at Wesleyan University.

“Lanell has decided to single-handedly change the physics landscape, not just at Harvard, but across the country,” says BN Queenan, Executive Director of Research at Harvard’s NSF-Simons Center for Quantitative Biology. “She’s a national treasure.”

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